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Waterway dimensions

Length, width of locks, air draught, draught


Length and width of locks, air draught, draught...

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Published on 27 May 2011
WaterwayLength of lockWidth of lockDraughtAir draughtAir draught over full width of 5.5m
Canal de Garonne 40.50 m (1) 6.00 m 1.60 m 3.60 m 3.00 m
Descentes en Tarn et en Baïse 30.50 m 6.00 m
Canal de Montech 30.50 m 6.00 m 1.60 m 3.60 m 3.00 m
Canal du Midi
Ecl. Toulouse > Ecl. Sanglier 40.50 m 6.00 m 1.40 m 3.55 m 2.70 m
Ecl. Sanglier > Ecl. Argens 30.00 m 5.60 m (2) 1.40 m 3.30 m 2.40 m
Ecl Argens > Etang de Thau 40.50 m 6.00 m 1.40 m 3.40 m 2.40 m
Traversée de l’Hérault 40.00 m 5.60 m 4.10 m 2.60 m
Canal de Jonction et de la Robine 40.50 m 5.85 m 1.40 m 3.30 m 2.60 m

(1) Warning : lock Nos. 11 Montech, 12 Les Peyrets, 13 Pellaborie, 14 Escudiès and 15 Pommiès have the reduced length of 30.50 m. The maximum authorised vessel length through these locks is 28.50 m. Boats exceeding this length must use the Montech water slope. Contact the Subdivision de Tarn-et-Garonne.

(2) Attention : the available width at Saint-Martin lock is 5.45m.

For the characteristics of the other structures on the South-West Waterways

Draught on the canals

On the Canal du Midi the effective authorised draught is limited to a maximum of 1.50m in the centre line of navigation: beware of the risk of touching the bottom if your boat is close to this limit.

Air draught at bridges

The Marengo bridge in Carcassonne (opposite the railway station) has the lowest air draught on the canal: 3.30m in the centre line of navigation.