Basic information for boaters

Read our recommeandations, get up-to-date details on navigation conditions and particular structures, download the Boaters’ Guide (Guide du Plaisancier) and view the film "Cruise on the Canal des deux Mers"... just a few precautions to take before taking the helm for your long cruise through the Midi and South-West France!

Before slipping your moorings to enter the tranquil and fascinating waters of our canals, please read our simple recommendations. This will make you a true "inland water skipper"!

Also consult the items "rubrique 57" Boathandling and "Navigation tolls for individual boaters and professionals" To navigate throughout the VNF system.

Navigation tolls for individual boaters and professionals

To navigate légalité et contribuer à l’entretien des voies navigables.

Navigation season and operating hours

When can one navigate on the Canal des Deux Mers?

Waterway dimensions

Length, width of locks, air draught, draught

Regulations and rules of the road

Pour naviguer en toute sérénité et sécurité...

The lock-keeper welcomes you

Son métier et son rôle sur le terrain...


Operating instructions for the various types of lock...

How to work locks

As a boater, how do I pass through a mechanised or automatic lock?...

Navigable conditions and particular structures

Secteurs particuliers et ouvrages contraignants...

Stoppages on the Canal des Deux Mers

Periods when navigation is closed, stoppages or "chômages" and list of works...
NEW: visit on line a sample of work sites on the canal...

Safety is our common responsibility
Good manners and friendliness on the waterways
La bonne conduite, ce n’est pas que pour les bateaux...
Notices to boaters on the rivers and canals of the South-West

Events, restrictions, important information for navigation. To consult before setting off!

Additional sources of ’information