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Safety is our common responsibility


Walkers, cyclists, roller-bladers, runners, anglers, boaters, riparians,...

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Published on 27 May 2011

The canal is open for you to enjoy the beauty of its landscapes and its structures. It offers a carefully preserved environment that inspires calm and serenity.

All users are invited to respect the sites, the different uses, the men and women who live and work on the canal, and all those who, like you, wish to take advantage of it.

Texte réglementaire

The safety of each individual user is critical for the safety of all.
A lock is not a playground Do not approach the lock sides. Beware of the movements of water. Do not cross the lock-gates. Be sure not to hinder in any way the lock manoeuvres.
A lock is not a car park Park your vehicle correctly so as not to cause any inconvenience to other users or to maintenance vehicles. The lock cottage is the workplace and home of the lock-keeper.
Respect his property and his privacy, as you would wish others to respect yours.
Vehicle traffic other than for canal maintenance is strictly forbidden on the towpath and on the lockside areas.
Walkers, your dogs must be kept on a leash.
Parents, keep an eye on your children.
Cyclists, reduce your speed.
Watch out for walkers, roller-bladers, animals,... and for the men and women who live and work on the canal. Dismount from your bike when passing the locks. Do not leave your bike in inappropriate locations and in particular refrain from locking it to operating equipment, fences or safety barriers.
Anglers, watch out for your fishing rods,
they can often hinder other users and maintenance vehicles.
Warning to all!,
swimming is strictly forbidden in the canal.

The canal bank, a space to share and respect

The towpath is a service road for canal staff which is also open for walkers. With support from the départements, certain sections have been developed as trails open to walkers and cyclists.

See the regulations for traffic on the Greenway of the Canal des deux mers

Whether on a specially laid-out trail or on the towpath, you may encounter service vehicles that are clearly identifiable. The waterway staff (VNF, or Conseils Généraux,...) carry out day-to-day operation and maintenance of the canal and its banks. They work for your safety and well-being. Respect them and followo their instructions.

Using the towpath

on foot
- keep to the right,
- keep an eye on children,
- watch out for cyclists, roller-bladers,...

by bicycle
- See the particular conditions applicable to traffic on the Les chemins de halage
- proceed at a moderate speed; the towpath is not a dedecated cycleway,
- watch out for pedestrians, other cyclists and especially for children,
- give warning of your passage.

Under the item Publications, download the brochure "Share and respect the canal"